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re: There is NO ribbon included with this new box!


Dear customers, due to the increase of cost for global logistic and materials  and the impactful inflation situation in Canada, our product cost has significantly gone up. However, we would still want to stand with our customer to mantain an affordable and competitive price. Thus, we won't be including any ribbons in all new arrival boxes.

Our customers can optionally purchase ribbons from us at an affordable price.

Thank you for your understand! 




Our premium 6-hole/12-hole cupcake boxes mean to give your custom cupcakes a special presentation.


They are the tallest cupcake boxes (14cm tall!) you could find so that your cupcake designs won't be limited to your container!


Box size (LxWxH): 10.6"x7"x5.5" (6-hole) / 13.6"*10.2"*5.5" (12-hole)

Box size (in cm): 27*18*14cm (6-hole) / 34.5*26*14cm (12-hole)

Hole size: fits up to 2.5 inch diameter 


We sell as per dozen cupcake use to facilitate our customer's needs, sorry, due to limited quantity, we don't sell in bulk.

Premium Tall Clear Cupcake box

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